now using adobe flash????

  1. I was browsing and went to copy the link from an enlarged picture and they're using flash now??? Interesting
  2. I know...I saw that...isn't that cool!!!
  3. And I LOVE that we get to see more angles of things when we click to make it bigger! :smile:
  4. to check :angel:
  5. I noticed that last night. The pictures haven't worked as advertised (like you click on a color and it only shows up on the little picture that you have to enlarge to actually see the color). So, hopefully, this will make a major improvement!
  6. so does that mean you can no longer copy the pics from the website??
  7. I'll check it out right now.
  8. it's cool... but a lot slower than before :sad:
  9. adobe flash 9 has been having issues with firefox browser. Pictures won't load sometimes and there is no sound. I hope they fix it soon as mine has been broke for almost a month. Yes, Coach site does use adobe flash I think because the big pictures do not load for me, all I can see are the small ones. It works correctly on Internet Explorer, though.
  10. Ooh, I just checked it out. It's nice, much more professional looking!