not working?

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  1. Is working for everyone. Everytime I add to my wishlist the pics don't work and some error message comes up. Anyone else having any problems??
  2. Odd. I'm playing around with the gift registry right now, and it's working fine for me.
  3. try adding the new perfume limited edition bottle. Some stack overflow error message comes up and it will not show the picture.
  4. Maybe is banning you?:roflmfao::lol:
  5. LOL, admat97. XD

    Okay, tikilove81, I think I understand what's going on now. I added in a bunch of stuff and it does seem the pictures are no longer appearing. I'm using firefox and when I try to right click > view image, I got the "We're Currently Updating Our website." Huh?
  6. VERY FUNNY!!! They would go broke!!!! LOL
  7. Mine did that the other day but it's working fine now!
  8. maybe they are updating it with the patent satchels????

    wishful thinking eh?
  9. Patent Pink Carly's with Nickel Hardware!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay now your making me dream!!
  10. my wishlist thing NEVER works but i just assumed it's cuz i have a mac and i have safari...???
  11. there have been problems since February with the gift registry and a lot of new items being added to it.. it really sucks.. I've emailed them about it but heard nothing back.
  12. Most of my pics do not show up on my wish list either. I am using a mac with firefox. Hmmmm.....
  13. IDK, what's going on!!!
  14. I hope this gets fixed soon. I'd like to print my wishlist out before next week. Dangit! I'm going to go around the mall in a week or two and do some shopping for a new bag, so getting the wishlist printed out for planning would be REALLY HELPFUL COACH.COM! Please get it fixed soon. :cry:
  15. I know I can't give my DH style numbers and descriptions!!! He needs pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!