dust cover/bag?

  1. I just got my first Coach today, which I ordered from I am head over heels in love with it, but was very disappointed not to get a dust cover/bag. I paid full-price, over $300, and no dust bag! So I called and asked about it. The nice woman on the phone said that not all Coach purses come with dust bags and that Coach cannot special-order them. I held firm and politely asked how I could escalate my request. Finally she said that she just happened to have an extra bag at her desk that might work. She measured the bag and compared it to my purse's size and pronounced that it would be a little large, but would fit. It's on its way to me.

    Is this typical? Or a little strange?
  2. some bags dont' come with dustbags. that's just how it is
  3. It seems strange to me because I've never purchased a bag directly from Coach that didn't come with a dust bag. Most of the bags I've bought from the factory store didn't come with one but that's kind of expected. May I ask what bag you purchased that supposedly isn't supposed to come with one?
  4. I'm glad you held firm. Except for maybe very small items, I always thought the handbags came with dustbags - especially in that price range.
  5. some of the larger ones don't, and like you said very small items
  6. :shrugs: me too I always thought every bag came with a dust bag.
  7. The pebble leather shoulder tote 5715.
  8. Hmmm... a lot of people on this board have bought that bag (or a different kind of shoulder bag). I'll be very interested to hear whether or not they got a dust bag with theirs.
  9. There should be a dust bag for all handbags. The Large and XL Large Ergo totes came with dust bags. Huge!!!
  10. I agree! Besides for the price you wanna see your item taken care of. Good for you and not giving up. Maybe that is a lesson for all of us..ask for the bag or clarify before we purchase. T4p.
  11. yea that's weird. i know i returned a coach once (which had no dustbag) and the lady at the department store didn't want to take it. she said ALL coach bags had to have the dustbag . . . i hadn't known that before which is why i didn't request one when i bought it,but now i always make sure.

    anyway, glad you "stuck it to" the SA ;)
  12. Head down to your local coach location and ask for a bag. The location that I make 90% of my purchases from has never turned down a request for a bag.
    The only item that I know that will not fit in a bag is the Dog Carrier.
  13. my straw tote didn't come with a dust bag...however my travel size signature stripe bag came with im assuming it has nothing to do with size...
  14. of all my coach bags my pebbeled leather shoulder tote didnt come with one, neither did my black coach purse

    both bought at the store,,,
    but i dont care i keep my bags safe! :smile: theres always pillow cases

    i mean its soo nice to get one but if i didnt its not too big a deal to me
    but im glad you held firm if i believe i deserve something with a purchase i stick to my guns too!
  15. All of my shoulder totes came with a dustbag. Whether purchased in a boutique, outlet, online or macy's!!! I'm glad she's sending you one!!