is finally updated!!!!!! :D

  1. My Chelsea satchel is GONE though.....:crybaby:What do I do? Can I just order it from JAX?
  2. :yahoo:OMG!!! :yahoo: OMG!!! :yahoo:OMG!!! Let the admiring start...I just got up early to see DH off to work too, thanks for info...I will be busy over there (at for the next hour or TWO!!!
    :drool::drool:Let the drooling begin:drool::drool:
  3. Thanks for the heads up :tup::yahoo:

    I'm sorry about your satchel though. You can probably still get it from JAX or if you want to gamble a bit, maybe it will show up at the outlets soon?
  4. Mmmm there are a lot of accessories I want...and now I'm really loving the Heritage tote in white...
  5. awwww so much cute stuff!
    wish i could just get everything lol

    with all the stuff that's been taken off the website, when will that be showing up in outlets?
  6. I hope so, 2 things on my wishlist disappeared :lol:

    ETA: I didn't read that right. The Bleecker stuff showed up at the outlets January 2nd, so maybe in a couple weeks?
  7. maybe that's a good thing...they're trying to keep you on your ban! :lol:
  8. You would think, but if they show up at the outlet alot cheaper I'm doomed :wtf:;)
  9. One thing I noticed: the walnut color on the Gigi and Lily looks MUCH darker on the website than it did in person. Did anyone else notice this?
  10. ^
    I wouldn't be surprised if the colors are off. The "rose" Leigh & Bridgit look very pink, and hasn't everyone said they are more coral & somewhat muted?
  11. wow, i am so excited....
    i may just order one of the ergo pebbled totes today.... as i cant win on on eBay to save my life this week....
  12. Im underwhelmed. I guess one negatives about this board is we find out about the new things so early, that when they are finally released, they dont feel new to me anymore! Plus nothing in this floorset if catching my eye. I like the walnut leather color, but they should have released this color in the fall. I dont like the new lighter beige color -too washed out. The Leigh in rose is really pretty, but I wouldnt buy it for myself. Oh well, my giftcards are safe for another month!
  13. LA- :push: I had a feeling that was going to happen :wtf:

    I guess Ill go on the outlet hunt.... How about you?
  14. colors in the Thompson hobo that I want. I thought I would love the Ivory but after seeing it on the site, not so much. It looks's too white, I was expecting something a bit creamier in color. Ah well, guess I'll have to go look at it irl.