has been updated!

  1. Lots of new stuff--much of which we've seen early here in some threads..but the site shows the madeline and lots of new bags and colors!
  2. i was just about to post this! items to drool over and add to the wishlitst!
  3. Holy cow - I thought it wasn't supposed to be for another two days!!
  4. Yay!! I just found out that this one is being removed from my wishlist! Vachetta leather, $628! OUCH!


    But it's fun to see details on everything finally!

    ETA: Looks like some (maybe all) of the price decreases are gone too... the ergo hobo for $188 is now showing $268 again! I didn't check any others yet!
  5. That is a cute bag, though. Too bad it's so pricy!

    I also just noticed the price increases on the stuff they just reduced!! I wonder if it was only for Christmas. I got the small zip leather hobo for around $130 with PCE (woo-hoo)! Glad I got it before the price went back up!!
  6. Whoa ladies! Check this one out! Ranskimmie's bag in Brass/Khaki/Gold!! Nice!
  7. ^^ That gold is pretty on Kimmie's bag's sister! Did you notice that the lilac bag isn't listed in the color choices? It's only shown as the smaller icon but doesn't show up for purchase!
  8. They've got their new heart accessories up too! I love the ponytail scarf. I always wanted that scarf when they had come out with something similar the year before!


  9. I know! I saw that too! Kimmie had said that it was only made in very limited quantities. Do you think it's gone already?
  10. LOOK! A new leather Carly color! It's tan! Not Camel like the old one with a darker leather strap!! Pretty!

  11. I see a couple of not too pricey things that have been added to my wishlist! :drool:
  12. [​IMG]


    I am loving that scarf! This may be my first scarf purchase!

  13. It could be. When I called about it there were 5 then Kimmie bought hers and (darn it, who just bought one???) another TPF gal just got hers too! I'm sorry I can't remember who! Anyway, that would leave 3 in JAX plus we don't know if any lurkers have bought any! I have no idea if any got sent to boutiques or not.
  14. Leigh in gardenia!!! I LOVE Legacy white leather!
  15. Fendi...see