has been updated!!!

  1. Haven't gone in and looked yet, but it looks really cool from the first page!!!
  2. Did you see the Lily in the carryon size? Wow!
  3. Love the Miranda. Don't know if I can justify the price, but it's soooooo pretty.
  4. Ok. Adding this to the wishlist!
  5. And look at this baby! For $598 she can be yours:

  6. That is one of nicest bags I have seen so far... :tup:

  7. That's gorgeous...
  8. :heart: the new catalog which is also posted online
  9. oh no... now i like the stuff alot better now that the sites been updated. i smell additions to my wishlist. ahhh thats a BAD thing but GREAT thing too! =D thanks for letting us know. :tup:
  10. The catalog that they are showing online actually is the previous one, not the newest one. I'm going to Coach today to get a new one!!
    I also noticed that all of the '06 Legacy items are gone!! No more Ali, Mandy or Legacy satchel (not a fan of the new legacy satchels)...
  11. I bought the Turnlock Agenda in Punch. I can't wait to get it!
  12. I am LOVING the Legacy signature swingpack. Sorry, don't know how to attach photo!! The chocolate is very yummy.
  13. the fara pump.. :drool:

  14. that's on mine as well! I'm stopping in today! If this is any indication on what the carly will look like - IT WILL BE MINE! :graucho::graucho: