has been updated...

  1. The updated Chelsea collection is beautiful and I like a lot of the bags even more than when I saw the catalog pictures. :yes:

    Also, for those interested, the Legacy Stripe Key Pouch is available again!
  2. I don't see any new stuff?!!??!
  3. What's the key pouch???
  4. WOO HOO! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. It's gone already! :wtf: If you search the site for "stripe" it still comes up but now it says it's no longer available.

    It was this:
  6. I love the Padlock heart key ring....I also want the chelsea wristlet!! Going to try to get mineral!!
  7. Doh!! I really want this! I hope it becomes available again!!
  8. i have that hanging off my whiskey hippie. wanted a dash of legacy color. i wish they would do more stripes and bring back some Bonnie Cashin designs:heart:
  9. I may be doing some exchanges from PCE on some of the new stuff. Going to have to take a peek today.
  10. The only two things I really want is a choco carly and a mineral chelsea.

    I guess this is good for my wallet. :p
  11. We need to move to different towns or the less drastic approach and create a purse schedule of when who wears what :supacool:
  12. No kidding-- Mike just said, "Why can't you girls buy ONE of each bag and share?" :wtf:

    At least we have good taste? :graucho:

  13. Glad Stephen hasnt thought of that :graucho:
  14. hmm. i'm very underwhelmed by these bags.

    it's kinda sad...the only thing i was like "omg, i want this" was with the padlock heart keyfob! and maybe the melisa ballet sneakers. (and only because i hate how uncomfy most of their flats are)
  15. I feel the same way, Kallison!

    I am so glad I found the large turquoise Ergo tote at the outlet yesterday!
    Now I am not tempted to buy a new bag for a while!

    Accessories, well thats a different story!:graucho: