has been updated with the new things

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  1. Thank you Coach for doing it on a Sunday and on Christmas Eve.
  2. I am loving the flower charm.
  3. OMG!

    I want:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. the shoes and the flower charm are the only things i'm really liking...
  5. I wasn't blown away by the new bags either.
  6. I really like that Legacy striped key pouch and the white Andrea satchel. It's not so attractive in any color other than white though.
  7. I'm not over the moon...maybe when I see it in person I'll feel different.
  8. :love: I'm in LOVE with all the heart stuff!:love:

    Awww! I have to have the Brass Script Heart Keyfob/92069 and the Lips Charm/94052!
  9. I'm in love with about 3 of the charms... the lips, the 'love' one and flower! :love: I like the Carly hobo too with the chambray trim. The conversation hearts key ring is cute too! At least my wallet is breathing a sigh of relief! (as well as my hubby!)
  10. hmmm..I don't really see anything I like except the cute flower charm.
  11. If you guys do a search on "heart" you will see even more goodies that don't show up in the specific catagories. And there is one more that isn't on the website, but WILL be mine!!

    98118....this is like the pony tail scarf but the regular scarf size!!!

    So_Femme...I just replied to your Authenticate This post about that bag. I HOPE you haven't returned it as I am pretty positive it is authentic. I have the Japan catalogue and it is in that one. I can scan it for you if you want.

    I was supposed to scan the entire thing last time I was here, but I got distracted and then I broke my ankle and was out of commission for way too long :crybaby: And never thought about it again until I saw that post from you and one where someone else said it was fake. If I can help, just ask!!

  12. They are still uploading the pages. I am going to check back when it's all up.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Do you think the new items will be in stores the day after Christmas? I never got my moon charm but would rather have the flower one.

  14. Glad you're back, sorry about the ankle! I hope that you are feeling better now :flowers:
  15. they might even have it out.

    my store is almost bare thanks to all the holiday madness so we have put out a few of the new charms out. the bags we don't dare b/c it might actually get sold.

    but the floorset is being done tonight, i'm working on it btw, before heading out to vacation ;), so it would be up on the 26th, as we're closed on christmas.