has a new look!?

  1. I haven't been on the website in a couple of days...did they just update it today or have I been MIA? :push:

    I don't remember seeing the "Shop Catalog" in the What's New drop down section.
    Please enlighten me somebody!
  2. It was just updated this morning!! :tup:
  3. Oh wow, thank you! I was just :drool: pouring over all the new photos!
  4. Do you have a catalog? If not you can request one online!! I have about 5 as they send them to you whenever you purchase something. I have one everywhere, home, work, car, purse!!! Sometimes, I just like to pull it out and flip through the pages...makes me happy!!! :nuts:
  5. ella, I do have a catalog. Thanks for asking me.
    I just love the format of and how you can try them on in cyberspace & change the colors of the!
  6. Thanks for posting. I have not checked it in a few days
  7. beljwl-love your avatar, so cute!
  8. Oh definately!! CHanging the colors of the bags is key!! And so much fun!!!! :yahoo:
  9. I like it! it's a fresh look-:smile:
  10. Thanks I will have to check them out.
  11. I always hated the Coach web site because it was so sloooooow. I have a super-fast cable connection and everything else on the web loads in a blink, but not the old Coach site.

    The updated site is much faster!! Not only did they do a little design update, but they must have cleaned up their code or updated their servers or something. Whatever they did, I'm glad they did it. I'll visit it more often now.