- expedient about exchanges?

  1. Hi all, I picked up a bag on that I decided I want to exchange for another bag of the same price. I sent the bag back already to be exchanged, but I'm a little worried that my order won't be processed quickly enough to get the bag I actually want (ie it will be out of stock by the time my exchange is processed). I'm not after anything rare or exotic, a Sig Carly in Bronze, I've just never dealt with and return/exchanges before. Do you think I'll be ok? My other option is to order the bag I want and then, if the exchange does go through, simply mail back the extra as a return. But that seems like a hassle ;)
  2. Can you just "return" the original purchase to a Boutique for a store credit and then turn around and use that store credit to buy the Bronze Carly? I think you can arrange that thru your local Boutique. Good luck!
  3. thank you for the advice, jess, but unfortunately I am at least 2 hours from a boutique, more with Chicago traffic :sad: That's why I order new bags online.
  4. Call customer service and ask! You can always buy the new Carly while you are waiting for the refund to come in on the other bag. It will even out on your credit card bill, so why not?