and the Legacy ponytail scarf...

  1. OK, I'm a patient person - but this is getting crazy. first posted that it would be available on 11/6, then they changed it to 11/22, which I've been counting down the days. Today I go to see if by chance they are available and the date has changed again! Now to 11/26!! I refuse to pay the Hawaii price to get it, or eBay...sorry, just had to vent and knew you'd understand...

  2. Sadly, I've been watching the dates, too. It is frustrating, and I am angry at myself for not getting it while it was first available!
  3. aw, sorry. have you tried eBay?
  4. I was doing the same thing with the charcoal suede mandy. I finally ebayed it... (not due out until dec 15). Got it yesterday. Still have to open it up.
  5. HauteMama - i know, I'm kicking myself for not buying it when I saw it in the store! instead i put it on my xmas list, and now i may not get one at all!
  6. I am sure you all already know this, but you can call Coach and get on a list for one. They have a shippment of 1000 coming, I called yesterday. it should ship 11/27. When I last talked to them there were just about 800 not reserved. I wanted to make sure I got one. Now to decide which bag to get. :s HTH!
  7. madiesmom - i didnt know that, and am calling right now!
  8. Well i did order one from the 800 #, $50 all in which is kind of a bummer and the sales person was not very friendly - not really the same experience as going to the boutique, but at least I have a scarf coming!
  9. Now it says the 29th! The lady on the phone told me it would ship between 1 to 3 weeks - i dont think they know when they are getting it in...
  10. Looks like the oblong scarf is running low too! Glad I got mine when I did.
  11. yeah and now the site says 12/3 - I am thinking I'll be lucky if i have it in time for xmas...oh well...
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