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Coach Color's??????


Feb 9, 2006
Is it me or are these color's off...I just got my Pig Charm today and the Seqiun's look silver in the dd pic.s( I love the sequin's being all pink)..I also got the Studded skull key ring a couple of weeks ago and that too is off..In the dd pic. It Look's Pink and black, but it is more of a Plum color? I wished it was that bright pink color, any how are you seeing this too? I know there has been issue's with some bags as well!!!!


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Aug 16, 2009
omg that piggy fob is the cutest thing!!!

i kinda wanna get the rhinestone skull necklace :X

i can't magnify the skull fob pic, and i haven't seen it in person, but it appears to be a fuchsia color.


coach <3
Feb 10, 2008
i think screens can play a huge difference in the color and such, if i sit next to my sister with my mac and we're on the same website the colors look completely different. this is why it makes being a photographer a pain!

but i also think that it is off - the stock photos because i was dying for the poppy glam tote the black one with the pink stripe and then someone posted actual pics of it and theres no pink stripe- just a pink zipper, which was the main selling point for me :sad: good think i want to see everything irl otherwise i'd be really disappointed ordering it and getting something other than what i expected.