Coach Color Stripe Signature Help!!!

  1. I am looking to for a certain purse/handbag. I was on vacation with my loving GF and see saw this bag and wanted it ever so much. I do know that it was a knockoff of a COACH.

    Typically I think that if it is a knockoff there must be the real thing out there. Well I am not having any type of luck finding this knockoff or real deal. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    Below is the picture of the design. The only catch is that it looked more like a laptop bag. By that I mean it was large and had a overlapping part that cover the top and went to the bottom. I hope this is not too confusing to anyone who reads this post.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. hmmm i know that the department stores had them and my outlet had one this weekend. they got cleared out of department stores recently. it is not a knockoff and is the real deal. you may wanna check eBay.
  3. I have searched and searched eBay and have had no luck.
  4. I'm thinking it was the messenger bag........was it this shape (but just the sig multi stripe)?
  5. Its called the Coach Signature Multistripe Shoulder Tote. Good luck to ya!
  6. They made the messenger bag in the signature multi stripe. I almost bought it but got the diaper bag instead. It wasn't out very long so good luck finding it. Call CS and see what they say. It is The Signature Multi Stripe Messenger bag. Good luck.
  7. Thanks. It was definitly the messenger style, but with the multi stripe along the bottom.

    Now just have to find one.
  8. Oh man I didnt read the entire post and thought you awere actually looking for that bag. My macys had them 65% off yesterday.
  9. Which bag? The messenger?
  10. no sorry, the one you posted. I believe that ones a tote.
  11. Ya I was looking for the messenger. I could only find the tote in that design.