Coach Color Confusion - So Just What Color is Marine!?

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    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I did a search and didn't find anything.

    I recently revealed a legacy archival briefcase in chalk with marine trim. The marine color is a deep violet purple with blue in it - but it's not blue - it is purple IMO.

    I love the color but the name is very confusing. The term "marine" suggests the deep blue sea to me, not purple. And last year I was very tempted to buy the bleecker weekend tote in marine and it was a gorgeous deep blue.

    Is it just my eyes or has coach used the same name for 2 very different colors on bags that were both released within a short period of time? Shouldn't their marketing department catch descrepancies like that?

    They should recruit someone that works at OPI's marketing department to come up with descriptive, catchy names for colors! But I think that they just let some colorblind guy pick the names! Or maybe the marketing team for the men's line doesn't talk to the team for the women's line?!

    Attached are 2 pics that I borrowed from ebay (NMAs) showing the bleecker marine weekend tote and the legacy archival marine duffle. Both gorgeous colors but unless the "rods and cones" in my eyes are all screwed up - they are very different colors! So what's the deal with coach color names?!

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  2. In the men's side, marine is blue. On women's for the recent legacy items it is purple. Not a hint of blue. Except for the dog leash duffle which also has brass hardware. That one is a blueish purple. Makes perfect sense right??? Lol.
  3. Go figure! I guess I won't start a "Coach marine collection" it would drive me wild!
  4. Kind of like my love red Minetta that is coral without a drop of red in it. :thinking:
  5. My Isabelle is bright marine and it's blue so they change it too
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    Right! So that takes me back to the theory about the "colorblind guy" in marketing!
  7. I think they should have called it Iris. I ordered (and returned) something in marine and it matched a few iris items (not Coach) I have perfectly. I was hoping for a deep blue.
  8. Ah! So that blows the theory about miscommunications between the men's and women's lines - the communication problem is much bigger!
  9. Exactly! I think I posted this in my own thread but when I got it I looked at it for a few minutes and thought Is it my eyesight or theirs? This is not RED! It was actually a little disappointing because I was looking to add color variety and I had already found a coral bag at the outlet. Lighter but still the same color family which I wasn't trying to copy. Still love my bag although I wish it was a real or close to red. I actually think the pebbled version is closer to an actual red maybe an orangey red but the smooth leather has absolutely no red to it at all. Did that guy not do the kindergarten finger paints like the rest of us? :P
  10. All the Marine Items I purchased (all from the madison line) were a deep purple...not a hint of blue!
  11. I suggest we need a sticky in the reference section: the real color wheel and the Coach color wheel. I think it would help us all with our future purchases a great deal!
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    I think Iris would be a good choice for the legacy archival items that are called marine. Attached is a close-up of the marine/chalk wristlet that matches my new bag and the purple color looks like Iris to me. Maybe Coach should hire you for their marketing team!

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  13. I shop online at another retailer a lot, and for the past few years everything with an even remotely red name is actually CORAL. soft red=coral, soft pink=coral, hibiscus=coral, etc
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    I agree that we need help with colors especially since Coach is really promoting their online sales program. I know that individual perceptions vary and differences in computer screens and photography can be problematic - but it seems to me that Coach could do a much better and more consistent job with colors, descriptions, and pictures.

    Like others I have found that I return more stuff now that I am ordering items from the factory online sale. They usually don't include as many pics with the FOS items and sometimes the descriptions are mimimal - like they may not always include the name for the color!

    It's frustrating when you receive an item that isn't what you expected from the pics and the description. I quickly learned to pay for FOS items with a credit card so that I can return them to the outlet instead of shipping them back to Jacksonville for a paypal refund. But what's the point of the FOS if I have to go to the outlet anyway?! And what about customers that don't have a local outlet?

    I guess I shouldn't complain because I love my new marine/chalk bag that I found it at the outlet while returning some disappoining FOS purchases; but I am glad that I got to see it with my own eyes first because if I had been expecting blue it would have been a big let down.

    If coach wants to become an online retail giant they need to do a better job representing their products in this venue, IMO!
  15. Doesn't MK have a color called iris? That looked like coach marine to me.
    I agree that using the name marine is misleading. But it's still very pretty.