Coach Collection

  1. Hey Everyone. I new to the TPF. just wanted to see everyones is mines.
  2. welcome! that is an impressive collection.
  3. Nice collection! Welcome to the PF!
  4. Beautiful! WELCOME!!!! You'll love it here, your wallet won't tho! ;)
  5. Welcome to tPF! You have a beautiful collection. I love how you have so many matching pieces, just gorgeous. :drool:
  6. nice bags and accessories.-
  7. thanks everyone for the warm welcome and compliments.:smile:

    coach can or should i say IS addicting!
  8. Wow amazing collection! I :heart: your signature stripe!
  9. What a great collection! You have a bag for every outfit possible!
  10. Hi and welcome!!! I have the same denim bag. There's a post around here where a whole lot of us posted our collections. Also, if you look at some of our signatures we have links to the Bag Showcase here on TPF where you can get your fill of Coach!!
  11. Welcome!!! :tup: You will love it here, it is great!!! Hold onto that wallet tight, because it is about to be in for a ride!!!! :yes:
  12. Great collection, I love how you match your wallets w/ your bags. I like the pink backpack, it really stands out...soo cute and and welcome!
  13. Welcome TPF!! You have a very nice collection :smile:
  14. Love your collection. I LOVE those quilted fuschia bags. Sorry I missed tehse when they were around.
  15. ^I agree! The quilted pink items are adorable!

    And I really love your older style gallery tote. I wanted one SO badly when I first got into Coach. *And I still do!*