~Coach Collection~ *ala* ~ranskimmie~

  1. Ladies and gents!
    you must do me a favor and tell me NO next time I even hint that I'd like a new Coach bag!:sweatdrop: I just went through my collection and took some pics. I must be kidding! :roflmfao:Here ya go tell me this isnt over doing it just a tad......sheesh!:upsidedown:
    Ebay Pics 532.jpg Ebay Pics 536.jpg Ebay Pics 537.jpg Ebay Pics 538.jpg Ebay Pics 539.jpg
  2. And last but no least:
    Ebay Pics 534.jpg Ebay Pics 535.jpg Ebay Pics 533.jpg
  3. Great collection!!! I LOVE the punch stuff you have!! I hate I missed that!
  4. Are you kidding? You need at least 10 more bags! Your collection is CRAP!

    :roflmfao: I am sooo kidding! But do you really think we are going to STOP enabling you? HA! Find another forum for that! lol.
    One day I will catch up to you! :graucho:
  5. That's perfectly normal. I you don't believe me look at my bags...Normal and :drool:
  6. Wow !!! You have a great collection. I am working on building mine.
  7. All I can say is....ooooooooh.....aaaaaahhhhhh! :drool:
  8. Amazing collection. You have great taste:smile:
  9. WOW-- who needs a COACH boutique-- we can just look at your collection! Beautiful!
  10. Beautiful collection, ranskimmie!! LOVE the variety and all the colors!! :tup:
  11. You know, you're right. That is just way overboard, missy so I'm going to help you out. Just send me the punch tote, patchwork carly, ergo hobo and one or two more bags of your choosing and then you can feel better that your collection is not overboard at all! You can then look at my collection and realize what a purse pig I am! :roflmfao:

    OK, seriously, beautiful collection! You've got a lot of nice variety and some beautiful classy pieces!!
  12. Thanks ladies! Feel free to visit my boutique any time lol!:lol:
    Can you believe Im craving something chocolate right now?.........besides candy that is:drool:
  13. Gorgeous collection! I love everything!
  14. wow.. I love your collections.. thanks for sharing :p
  15. I would never do anything as terrible as tell you to stop buying Coach! WHATEVER!!!!! :smile: BEAUTIFUL collection. I really want them to get more khaki/punch combos again. My FAVE. :smile::smile::smile:

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!!

    I want chocolate too...