Coach close to Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey

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  1. Hi, guys!!! You all helped me find a Coach outlet on our family vacation to Hershey, PA last month....well..this month we are going to Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ!!!! Does anyone know of ANY Coach boutiques or outlets in close proximity to here? Once again, I would appreciate ANY input so I can SHOP!!!!! LOLOL.....after all...isnt that what family vacations are FOR??????? LOLOLOL
  2. The outlets at Jackson don't have a Coach store, the closest outlet is probably an hour away. However, there is a great mall in Freehold. The Freehold Raceway mall, they have a Coach boutique there as well as a Macys and I believe a Nordstom. The mall is about 20 minutes north of the Great Adventure area. :smile:
  3. Thank you!!! I am going to have to FIND me this mall!!! LOL....
  4. ^The mall is right off the same road as Great Adventure.If u go out of Great Adventures main entrance...Make a right ....itll be on the left.U will make a u-turn to get to mall.Cant miss it.
  5. Hi guys! We are off on this trip next week! Thank you for letting me know about this great mall! I cant wait to go! If anyone can think of any other Coach boutiques/outlets in this area, please let me know ASAP! Thanks!!!!