Coach Cleaning

  1. :idea: So I know that it's possible to send in a Coach bag for a repair. But can you send in a Coach bag for a nice little cleaning? I don't mean a huge stain or anything like that. I have a few bags I use on a daily basis to work and was wondering if it was possible to get a nice little general cleaning.
  2. Coach does not have a cleaning service! :nogood:
  3. Man! I wish they did....thats a good idea!!!
  4. try regular handbag cleaners... i gave my suede bag to clean and they did a pretty good job!
  5. Nope, but they do sell their signature and leather cleaning solutions for you to use at home, and an SA can teach you how to use it correctly :smile:
  6. Good point Candace! Thank you! =Þ
  7. It definitely helped clean up my pink mini sig baby! she was filthy on the corners~!! :-/