Coach cleaning kit

  1. Hi everyone~ this is my first time posting on Coach Forum~ Looking at everyone's collection makes me feel that I don't treat my Coach collection good enough.....:sad:

    Does anyone know if Coach sells cleaning kit, or any way to clean suede wristlet? I love their suede collection (I happened to find couple in my last 3 visit to the Gilroy Coach Outlet). One of the wristlet is a little dirty around the zipper area and I want to clean it. But the outlet SA said that they don't sell suede cleaners....

    How do people clean the suede bags??
  2. When I bought my Bleeker sig bag yesterday they sold me a cleaner/mositurizer for the leather and a cleaner for the cloth part of teh bag.
  3. loverenny, I had bought my mom a suede hampton satchel a couple years ago (probably not the best choice given our rainy Seattle weather!). It came with a suede "cleaning" kit which was bascially a stiff bristle brush. Don't use any kind of leather cleaner on it as it will ruin the suede since that material can't get wet. You might be able to buy the brush separately at the coach store for your wristlet. Good luck!
  4. there s a suede cleaning kit thats s upposed to come with all suede bags for free!! check eBay!!
  5. Katrynar~
    really:nuts:? because I just went to Coach Outlet yesterday and bought a handbag and matching wristlet in their suede collection in red, and I specifically asked the SA about the cleaning supplies, they said that they do not carry them...:confused1:

    Where can I get those brush? I read the care instruction card in my new handbag and it says I should get a "soft brush" too~~:yes:

    btw, attach is the picture of my new handbag and matching wristlet in Coach's suede collection :heart:(let's hope the pictures will work....) and my pink small wristlet that needs cleaning...
  6. Hi loverenny, I have the Coach suede kit. I have used it to remove a dark blue ink pen mark from light brown suede. It's next to impossible to see now. I used the eraser, (lightly wetted on the grey side, as it was a bad mark) to gently rub over the ink back and forth a few times. I then brushed off the eraser dust with my finger and repeated until the ink was very faint. I didn't use the brush as it wasn't necessary. I have also used the eraser to remove a sticky patch from purple suede. I used the brush very, very gently after the eraser, not to risk damaging the nap.

    I guess the tip is to be very gentle and not rub too hard...I didn't see any damage or fading (a tiny bit of color appeared on the eraser), and was very happy with the results.

    I'm in Australia and contacted Coach by email to ask if I could buy a kit, as these were eBay buys that didn't have one (both hats, and both undisclosed imperfections...ugh). They sent me one for free all that way, so perhaps you could try contacting customer service?
  7. ;) by the way that was my first Coach post too!
  8. I have had great results taking my suede items to a dry cleaner who specializes in leather and suede. Not all dry cleaners will do it, but there are many who will. I've also used an extra soft toothbrush and had good results with it. I have several suede jackets that are machine washable...wonder when / if they'll ever come out with washable suede bags?
  9. loverenny, I :heart: your red suede purse! I'm always on the lookout for a beautiful red purse. I already have one from liz claiborne from a couple years ago..but hey, that was a couple years ago! :p I'm not sure where to get the kit, but from little peanut's post above, it sounds like you can call up coach's customer service line and they'll send one out to you for free. Coach's website has a great list of products to use to clean their merchandise
  10. Thanks for everyone's input:heart:. I am emailing the Coach Customer Services right now~
  11. My Kid's Collection signature backpack that has a pink suede zip pocket came with a Coach eraser and brush... The corners of the suede got a little dirty, but the eraser and brush didn't really help.
  12. I got a Coach suede cleaning kit from eBay for super cheap. It works awesome!
  13. Yeah what they said!!! I had a coach multi pink colored suede bag and took it to the cleaners and they took great care of it! it was almost as good as new! the almost being my fault because i treated it like a regular bag and wore it every day for a month!! wont be doing that again lol
  14. I just called customer service and they will be sending me a free suede cleaning kit as soon as they get more in, free shipping too. Free is good!:yahoo:
  15. wow that is awesome