Coach cleaner for signature bags

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  1. I got the coach cleaner for my signature bag and i was looking at my purse today and i do notice a difference and how much cleaner it works. It makes me so happy it wasnt even that dirty but i can tell. Now i love it even more then when i first got it. I think that was the best $10 ever spent haha.:yahoo:
  2. Oh wow! I think I should invest in a bottle for my siggy bags then :nuts:
  3. Im going to say yes you should. I was surprised how well it worked.
  4. Good to hear that their siggy cleaner is great for the siggy bags :yes: As for their leather cleaner or moisturizer (not sure which one) contains silicone and that's why most people prefer to use Apple stuff.
  5. I dont know anything about the leather cleaner i dont have it. Sorry
  6. Yes, it does work well for all signature bags, and accessorie's!I always have a bottle on hand.I would rather have it and not need it verse need it and not have it!If I have it for more than 6-12 months, I buy another bottle, at $10.00, you can't complain:smile:
  7. yep that signature fabric cleaner works GREAT. In high school I got colored pencil, and gatorade on my bag (not in the same day) and it all came 100% out with no problem. Now I have a coach signature print school bag I use, and I get transer from my jeans on the back where it rubs on me. It sucks but its only a little, I use the cleaner every few days and it totaly comes out.
  8. I also can agree with how well it works. My only siggy bag was my Large Carly (which I have since sold). I lent it to a friend and got it back with denim transfer all over it. It even removed that!
  9. I love the coach cleaner . I use it offten . I actually have used it on my furniture lol. My kids got chocolate on the furniture it came right off . It is the best I wish I could buy it by the gallon lol.:yahoo: