coach cleaner for Lv?

  1. Hi, I was yestarday at the mall and saw a Coach bag cleaner at their store. I was a little shy to answer if it would clean my LV bags, since LV doesnt have any cleaner for them. Do you know if it works? bcz baby wipes are not worknig as I´d like.

    ps here in Mexico I cant get apple guard or shining monkey or anything else. thanks!
  2. Their cleaner is only for treated leather! DO NOT use it on the vachetta! I REPEAT DO NOT use it, cause it will unevenly stain it! I used to work at coach and it does more to destroy vachetta than help. How about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? Those work really well. Hope it all works out!
  3. oh thanks God I didn´t bought it, I was about to, thanks a lot!
  4. My SA recommended me to use Coach cleaner but I've never tried it.
  5. I am looking to buy a white murakami multicolor koala wallet and I'm wondering if "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" will clean it good???? I mean, the wallet's WHITE!!!! If I can't find anything to clean it I might need to consider a black one!!