Coach Cleaner and Moisturizer. Thoughts??

  1. Hi all. Well, after reading all about the cleaners, repellants, and moisturizors thought to be the best I haven't decided on a particular one. I did find an Apple Moisturizor that I happened to have for ever when I first bought an Franklin Quest planner (I think they changed the name of the company know, the planner I mean). Anyways, I also found a moisturizor and cleaner that I have when I bought a Coach bag some years ago. Question: has anyone used this "system" on bbags and how effective are they?
  2. IIRC the Coach cleaner or moisturizer turns light/white colored bbags yellow :push:
  3. I used Coach cleaner on a black coach bag (old coach=good leather) and it left a white haze...

    Cole Haan is good stuff - but I haven't put anything on my bbags yet - just used it on my leather boots!
  4. The Coach cleaner doesn't do much. You would have better luck with Apple Guard.
  5. The Coach cleaner is much too strong to use on Balenicaga, it can take the color off. Appleguard would be a better bet.
  6. Well thanks ladies. I better just throw it away.
  7. ^You can always use the coach stuff on boots. :smile:

    I've used it on my Gucci black boots and it was fine.