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Jul 21, 2011
Malibu, CA
Happy New Year Everybody.
Handbags by COACH aren't really my style, however after browsing though the web. I can across the Coach Classic Collection on
Does anybody own a Coach Classic Collection bag, New or Vintage? because i'm still a little undecided about which one to get.

I also have a couple of questions like:
-Does the Leather hold up well?
-What color is best for an everyday bag?

If anyone could answer these questions I'd really appreciate it.


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Dec 18, 2009
The Coach Classics currently available on the site (and from Net-a-Porter) are updated versions of some of the older Coach styles. They are made of lighter-weight materials and the leather is supposed to be a bit stiffer and shinier than the original bags. Some of the colors are new, too.

Also available from are the Coach Originals. Go to the main page and select Handbags and View All Handbags and By Collection and then click on Coach Originals. These are popular, older style bags that have been continuously sold by Coach since they were first released. These bags are identical to the originals and they are made of glove-tanned leather or jacquard fabric.

It has been said that the newer Made in China "Coach Original" bags are not quite as heavy or thick as the first USA made bags, but I don't know if that is true.

I own quite a few vintage and near-vintage Coach older style bags. mostly made of glove-tanned leather with brass hardware. I buy them at thrift stores and ebay and have them authenticated here on TPF. Then I clean them and fix them up.

I posted pictures and info about the classics, originals, and vintage bags at the link below - shortly after Coach released the new Classics.


Dec 19, 2006
Your question about if the leather holds up, I cant speak for the newer Coach classics made but the vintage ones, very, very made well, the leather is like a tank almost indestructible.........


Jan 20, 2010
Your post is really hard to read. Could you stick to one font size and color maybe?

The classic Coach bags are the best. I have several original ones (City, Station, and Willis) and they are amazing in every way.