Coach Classics questions

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  1. My FP store doesn't seem to stock any of the Classics bags so I haven't been able to look at them in person. I was wondering if the quality of these (Court, Willis) is the same as the older and vintage ones? How often do they change the colors? Do they ever go to the outlet?
  2. They aren't going to be the same, thick, Made in USA leather as the vintage ones were. But they are still really well made and durable. Most stores do not carry the classics line, unless you are at a major city flagship store. As far as colors go, they do sometimes get restocked in colors that you might see in an alternate shot, but just not available at the moment. I've never seen many at the outlets- usually it is a return.
  3. There are a few older threads about this. From what I've heard, the quality is different.

    I've never bought a recent classic. I have classic bags from 2001 and I don't see any difference in the quality of those and older bags. I prefer the leather on bags from the 90s and early 2000s to earlier bags. I believe the classics have thinner, lighter weight leather.

    I think the colors of the classics stay pretty basic. I've never seen one at the outlet but I've heard of people finding them there before. Several years ago, Coach even made some for the outlet.
  4. Thank you ladies! I will check out those other threads. I have a few older ones and the leather has held up so nicely. I do want a British Tan court bag but most of them I've seen on ebay aren't in great shape so I was thinking of just buying a new one. But I don't want to be disappointed if the leather isn't like my older ones.
  5. Once in awhile a new or almost new one shows up. Even if they are priced high, it is usually cheaper than Coach's price. There are a few sellers who seem to find new old stock. You could check out etsy too.