Coach Classics Basic Bag-Anyone have one? Thoughts?

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  1. I am considering purchasing this bag as I love the simplicity and and timelessness of it. I will most likely buy it in British Tan. I appreciate the fact that this same bag has been made for 40 years, so it's not like it is going out of style soon! (trendy is fun too, just not for this purchase:smile:)
    I am wondering if anyone has this bag already, and their thoughts on it. And if you don't own one, throw your thoughts in too!
    Yes, I know it is small, that's my style. And I need a crossbody. And you can take the straps off- it is the first original wristlet too!
  2. I have one that was made in the late 70s. It has never been used so I've been afraid to spoil it. Up until recently, I've been carrying large bags, but now I'm curious on whether the size would work for me.
  3. I have it in mahogany. I love it. It goes with everything since it does not have detail. You can dress up the outfit a little more and carry this bag - it sort of disappears.

    It's not very deep. I wish it were about 1/2" deeper to accomodate my huge sunglasses case. It still works though.

    This is the bag I use when I can't get any of my fancier bags to work with the outfit. It tones it down.

    I doubled the strap to use it as a shoulder bag. The extra strap gets in the way sometimes, but I don't mind too much. As a crossbody, the strap on my basic bag seems a bit long. I purchased it many years ago, maybe 2005?

    Did you look at the reviews on
  4. I think that's a beautiful classic bag and offers several options, like Jesssh says, for carrying crossbody or doubling the strap on the shoulder.
  5. I can't double the strap on mine. I wish I could. It's the old style non-adjustable double strap.
  6. I have a black one that I've had for years. It's a great small bag. I carry it the most when I'm on vacation.
  7. I have and red and both are old but still look wonderful. I think you'll be pleased. British Tan is a great color too.
  8. I don't know how to multi-quote, but thanks for the replies.

    I didn't know you could double the handle, that's good to know!

    And whateve, you have a 40 year old bag that has never been worn? Quite a find!

    And I had read the reviews on And they were positive. :smile:
  9. I have two that I bought new back in the early 80s. I used them a lot. One was navy and the other was tabac. The navy one looks black but isn't. Tabac is a greenish brown. Mine have two thin non adjustable straps. They couldn't go crossbody. I think they cost around $60-65.
  10. Yes, it was a great find! $58 on ebay, and it's a gorgeous burgundy color. I just tried putting some things inside. It can hold my soft wallet, my sunglasses case and my card case. Then it is pretty much full. I can probably add a few small things like my phone, keys and chapstick.

    In 1982, the basic bag was $66, by 1986 the price had risen to $80.

    It is a little taller than the pocket purse so it holds more, even though the pocket purse is deeper. The convertible clutch holds a lot more. They don't make the pocket purse or the convertible clutch anymore.

    I don't imagine the leather is the same as on the old ones. The original leather scratches really easily. That's one of the reasons I'm afraid to carry mine. Although the leather looks gorgeous when it has aged a bit too.
  11. Hmm. you do bring up a question. I don't mind "aged" leather, but I don't want it to show every scratch...I would not enjoy using it if I had to worry about the finish.
  12. It might be different leather. I got a Bleecker studded mini Preston in black leather recently and the leather seems indestructible. When I carry any of my vintage purses, they almost always scratch. The scratches can be conditioned so they aren't noticeable. I'm trying to figure out a bag to take on an extended vacation, and I'm afraid to take a vintage bag for this very reason.
  13. I have this bag in British tan and I love it! It has an interesting story, too. My mother in law got it at an estate sale - with the original tags. When I researched the serial number I found out it was manufactured in 1982 - and it had never been used! I love this bag for its simplicity and the color is gorgeous!! Enjoy!
  14. I have one in mohagany. I contacted coach about buying a strap and they canjot do it. I have the older version. I would use the bag more if it was crossbody. I am trying to buy a strap from a seller on ebay. The seller's name is silver-coach. Would 1/2" wide be too much? The seller also offers 3/8" wide straps but the clasps are a bit different. Can anyone with the new strap version measure the width of their strap for me?

    Also, I don't think these straps are adjustable, unlike the Coach strap, so would 45" be too long for someone that is only 5'-2"? The seller also has 40" available. TIA.
  15. If you want crossbody, I think you'll want the longer one. You can hang a measuring tape over your shoulder to see where the top of the bag would hit on you. I think the original Coach straps were 36 inches. I don't think the width matters since the clips are all the same size. The wider the strap, the more comfortable it usually is. Thinner straps might dig into your shoulder.