Coach Classic Field Bag Question

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  1. I bought a Coach Classic Field Bag in British tab at Macy's awhile back. I got it for a sale price plus 20% off, so it came to under $300. I've carried it a few times but one thing bothers me a bit and I'm hoping someone here can help me.

    I am certain that someone had used the bag and returned it...hang tag was off when I bought it plus I noticed that the inside leather was scratched on one part. It's a sizable scratch, almost like a cut, prob around an inch I would say. Idk if it was defective or the previous buyer or a customer looking at it somehow did it. Bag looks new otherwise. When the purse is closed it sometimes kind of slouches right where that scratch is. My concern is that the scratch will start cutting thru the outside leather with time? I checked it over well and the leather is thick...doesnt appear to b able to break thru but I don't have any experience with this inside type of untreated leather inside. This was the only bag that they had like it and I like it but don't want to keep it should it start getting a hole!!! I've had it a couple months but can still return Macy's has no time limit on returns. I won't b able to get another one like it for that price unless auction.

    Thanks in advance for ur help!!!!
  2. FYI leather is scratched towards right middle of bag flap.
  3. Can you return a used item to Macy's?

    I don't think the scratch will cut through the leather over time. How deep is it? You can probably take it to a leather shop for repair. Or you could send it into to Coach for repair.
  4. I noticed that this leather is more "relaxed" than the traditional glove leather. It's not necessarily that the scratch would do that alone. Have used mine a few times.

    You probably won't get a hole. That leather is very easy to scratch. If it is a true defect, then Coach should make it good. Macy's might not take it back. This is why I try not to get floor models and bags in like condition--no matter what the price. If something goes wrong, they can't determine if it was your fault or someone else's. If I do get a bag like that, I know that I am taking my chances.
  5. I think maybe you can get it fixed from the inside to re-enforce it. If you really love the bag that could be an option. Also maybe sending it for repairs. It really depends on what you can live with. I kinda like my leather scratches as long as it is not too deep. They are kinda like war scars.