Coach classic duffle leather bag- please give me some suggestions!

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  1. Hey all, does anyone have this duffle bag from coach, i dont remember the exact name of this bag.

    I bought this bag couple years ago, i don't think i ever had much use out of the bag, but it does hold a sentimental value to me, its the first bag i ever bought from coach, even though i don't use it as much but still, i love the texture of the leather, and hoping to get more use out of it.

    Can you give me some suggestions on how to wear this bag, the bag is quite heavy by itself and for some reason it stands out when i wear it cross body, but if i double the strap and wear on my shoulder, it always slips off on me.

    Also, i love how spacious the bag is, its very deep, holds ton of stuff, but because of the shape, i cant fit my folder or document in this bag without wrinkling.

    Please give me some ideas

  2. It's a Legacy Duffle. I have several (black, juniper, carnellian, fuchsia, ultra violet, black cherry, tourmaline) and I also have this Cognac color. I usually wear mine cross-body on the weekends when I want to shop hands-free. I don't carry a lot when I wear it cross-body so it's not too heavy.

    I double the strap sometimes and I also wear it with the strap, not doubled, and on the adjustable holes that make the strap the shortest. I really enjoy my duffle collection and love the variety of colors.
  3. I have this bag in this color, if it is the regular size. I don't find it heavy. It is lighter weight if you double the strap and wear it that way. I can't wear larger bags crossbody because they dig into my shoulder too much. I like to use something to hold the doubled strap together, like a keeper, that Coach used to provide on bags with long straps. You might try something like this to keep it on your shoulder:

    You can also try wearing with the strap not doubled but not crossbody, just on one shoulder. It takes some getting used to but I like the way many of my bags look carried this way versus crossbody.
  4. Good idea! Ill give it a try!!!!
  5. I prefer to use it with a long strap and use it cross body. i think it's more comfortable to use and also look nice on any cloths and style. it's will never get wrong.
    you can wear it with shirt/t-shirt and jeans, or you can use some casual dress and cute flat shoes and pair it with this duffle bag.