Coach Class Action LAWSUIT

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  1. I hadn't heard a thing about this so I thought I would share:
    Coach settles class action lawsuit with discounts

    Written by
    First Coast News
    U.S. and World News
    Money News
    (KESQ) --
    Some "Coach" store customers will have some extra cash to put in the brand's popular purses and wallets.

    Friday, a class-action settlement was reached with the chain. Coach was sued over requesting the addresses, phone numbers and e-mails of customers. The company denies any wrongdoing, but agreed to the settlement.

    An attorney for Coach said Friday, "All of those class members, all 1,047,000, now have a chance to save 30-percent on all their purchases. They can go in, clean up the store if they want."

    Customers who bought something at Coach between February 15th, 2010 to February 29th, 2012 with a credit or debit card are eligible for a 30% off coupon.

    If you think you may be eligible and have not received a coupon or been contacted by e-mail, log onto to received your 30% off coupon.
  2. Thanks for letting me know, I didn't see it. Well I guess it is new news since they came to a settlement agreement. :smile:
  3. My postcard says its redeemable only at California Coach stores. Anyone know if that I really true? I live in Ohio and never buy from CA stores.
  4. It only includes purchases made in California
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    So we have to call a CA store to order using the postcard? Seems strange as I have never bought in CA. I have ordered from JAX who have sent the order to be fulfilled by a CA store so that must be how I got the coupon.

    ETA: went out to website and it says we can't order by phone either...only in person in a CA store. So I guess I may as well throw out the postcard. I wonder why I was even included since I've never bought in person from a CA store.
  6. I got the email (no postcard) even though I haven't physically been to a Coach store in CA in about 10 years, but my SA said they would honor it here. I think it would be worth asking your store if they would honor the coupon or something before just tossing it.

    I'm guessing I got one because I've done phone/fax orders that have been fulfilled by stores in CA.
  7. Thanks for posting this Coach4Chrissy. I guess I need to call my FP Store to see if they will honor this. Anyway, the attorney's comment was hilarious!
  8. I was in my FP store yesterday and bought my post card in. They said the settlement happened last week, but we should be getting post cards in NOV that can be used.
  9. How about it, I have to wonder if he is still an active Atty with Coach. lol
  10. So does that mean they wont be honoring the printed email?
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    Good question!
    The original email said we just needed to print off the email and take it to the store.

    Never mind, just read the article on the above link...

    However, because objections were made, the Discount Vouchers and Credit Certificates provided by the settlement are NOT immediately valid and may not yet be used. It may be 60 days or more before the Discount Vouchers and Credit Certificates become valid. Please check this website for further updates.
  12. Ah, missed that, Thnx for the clarification!
  13. My sales assocate said should get another postcard in Nov 2012 with info. Maybe if you got an email, there will be another email.
  14. I got 2 coupons in the mail and my SA said I could use both!!