Coach Christmas Tree Thread (pics)

  1. I thought it would be fun to post pictures of our Christmas trees here...:smile:

  2. awww how cute!! im so excited to get our tree, although we're getting a real one and we always get it too early and it dies :sad: LOL! i just love the holidays:heart:
  3. Aw cute!! I'll be setting up mine ASAP, but I have a mini-tree since I live in a one bedroom apartment. Hehe.
  4. ^ Me too! As a matter of fact decorated it last night..and tonight my SO and I are going to Target to purchase Christimas lights for it. I'll be sure to post pics..
  5. How neat! I can't wait to take a picture of mine!
  6. Your tree looks really pretty!! We get a real tree, (we usually go to a tree farm and cut it down), so we won't be getting ours for a few more weeks.
  7. Thanks all! I'm allergic to pine so I always have a fake tree. This is my first year being married so my DH and I got to put up our own ornaments and stuff that we bought and decorated together. It was so fun! I can't wait to see everyone else's!
  8. We put our tree up today and it's huge! Alot bigger than we thought and we live in an apartment so it takes up like the whole living room! But it looks really ghetto right now because we need another strand of lights to fill it. So once I get those on and decorate it, I will definately take a picture!
  9. I will be buying our tree tomorrow!!:tup:

  10. haha wait till you see mine, it has a "doggy playpen" around it to keep the puppy out. looks rather stupid, but i'd rather come home to my entire tree!!!! lol
  11. We did our tree today too! I love Christmas - December is my favorite month. I'll get a photo of my tree and post it soon. A long time ago my mother was babysitting my daughter and somehow managed to knock our tree down. She felt so bad that she wanted to do something special for us, so she went out and bought us a revolving tree stand. Ever since then (like 10 years now!), we always have a revolving tree. One year our revolving tree stand broke and it was too late to replace it (all decorated and stuff) - the tree didnt spin and I was so sad!
  12. Ok, went to Target and bought the Xmas lights for our mini tree (since I live in a small apartment) Second pic is my crazy cat Stanley posing next to it.. :lol:
    xmastree1.JPG stanxmas.JPG
  13. My Christmas tree is a 2' Martha Stewart tree. I loooooooooove Martha Stewart Christmas decorations and don't use anything but that!! I love the whole matchy-matchy thing!! I also like simplicity, as you can see from my tree. Hehe. I usually set up two trees with with completely different decorations and color schemes, but I chose to stick with one this year because I made a little candle display on my breakfast nook.

    So the pictures are of my candle display on the breakfast nook, and the tree which is under the breakfast nook to fill that space. To relate this to Coach (hehe), the last photo with the two gifts - those are the signature demi/wristlet/charm sets I bought for my best friends.

    We also put up a medium-sized Christmas tree in our classroom, but won't be doing that until the beginning of December... but once that one is set up, I'll take photos of that one too. It's so cute because the children create the decorations!!
    christmas01.jpg christmas02.jpg christmas03.jpg christmas04.jpg
  14. we're cutting down our tree too, do they last longer since they are fresh? lol
  15. I don't know... growing up, my parents bought our tree already cut and we'd set it up the day after Thanksgiving and it'd stay nice and green all the way until we threw it away around the 2nd or 3rd week of January. My mom just knows how to take care of Christmas trees, I guess. Haha.