Coach Christmas loot in ToxicGardens house!

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  1. First from my grandmother I got Barrett Khaki Sneakers, Anna Black leather clutch, Bleeker street scarf, black mini sig Swingpack (returning to Dillards), Madison black strap watch, and Bleeker capacity wristlet. From my mom I got the Barrett Denim Sneakers, Coach perfume, and a Coach perfume solid. Last but not least, from my grandmothers next door neighbor (also a Coach addict) a lovely leather picture frame keyfob.

    Santa was GOOD TO ME this year!
    12262_d1.jpg 98269_MTI_d2.jpg Q195_d2.jpg vc0063_zi_brass_black_black.jpg
  2. My other Coach goodies!:yahoo::nuts:
    0abe_2.jpg B001_SVC6_d2.jpg B003_SVVR-1_d2.jpg W450_ANT_1.jpg
  3. Congratulations!! You got lots of great goodies! The Anna is so cute!
  4. congrats- a very merry coachmass lol
  5. Oh got a lot of beautiful stuff for Christmas. I love that Bleeker street scarf. Is that the one you're going to frame? Congrats!

  6. Yes it is!! I cant wait!
  7. I got the bleecker capacity wristlet for Christmas, too. Isn't it so spacious?!?! Congrats on the great loot (and Merry Christmas!)
  8. wow, you really racked up some great stuff. congrats and enjoy!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Great stuff!
  11. OMG!!! You totally scored!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats, that scarf is too pretty!