Coach: Chic Forever?!??!?

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  1. Hi everyone - Does everyone agree that Coach bags will always be chic?
  2. I don't love Coach bags, but there are certainly some that are very classic and chic. That said, I can't stand the new spring line. Ugh.
  3. Yes, I think that Coach will be popular. I always liked their classic leather line.
  4. I think it depends on the line. I have the Signature Duffle when they first released it, that when I carry it, I still get compliments, even though it's 4 or 5 years old. I love my luggage, it's classic leather and and not trendy, and I think will always be classic.
  5. Yeah all their leather stuff is great. I love my booktote. Logo stuff though tends to be too trendy usually.
  6. Yeah their classic line are pretty nice!
  7. I think I'll slowly begin accepting the new spring line (Poppy) but I'm not sure I'll spend as much on it.
  8. I call the Poppy line the Kotex Maxithins line.
  9. Speaking of Coach, I love this bag:
  10. Now we're talkin'.
  11. Cute...I saw that in the other day at Nordstrom's. I like it!
  12. Oy, it's $600! :sad: . But it comes in PINK!

  13. ohh that satchel/carryall is cute!! the pink is a lovely color but since i have so many pink bags, I can only justify the brown.

    ouch $600...
  14. The pink is very pretty though. I do think it will be chic, but I have to agree with youngprof, the spring line, no-no.
  15. Coach leather used to be soooo much better than it is now. I think the quality started going down when they introduced the bags with canvas with the C's. I think Coach used to be about great leather. Now it's more about brand recognition. I have a Coach bag that I bought years ago. The leather is like buttah!! Can't find that any more.