Coach Chevron Hobo...Love it or Hate it??

  1. I LOVE PINK and I LOVE the look of the Chevron Hobo. Do you think this is a good bag??? Can it be carried in the Spring/Summer - since it's PINK?...or just Fall/Winter since some of the stripes are suede? How difficult do you think it is to keep this clean...the suede anyway?
  2. I think they are cute. It may be hard to keep clean, I have a pink herringbone that has suede trim and it shows some wear.
    I think it would look cute in spring/summer.
  3. It's okay. For some reason I'm not liking the silver and white with it. If it was just the different pinks all the way up I would like it much better.

    I've never been big on seasons, then again I live in the South where the weather never changes much. I just carry what I like when I like.
  4. do you have one? or is that a eBay pic?

    I LOVE the orange chevron, it's very retro 70's ish I know, but I love orange and think it's so cute!

    I do think it would be very hard to keep clean, that's the main reason I wouldn't buy one

    Coach suede stinks in that aspect, I have one bag with dark brown suede trim and even that is hard to keep nice!
  5. I really like the look of this, I'm just not sure what season to wear it in. :shrugs:
  6. I think especially bc you live in warm weather, this could really be a year round bag. suede is not totally off limits in the summer. if you lived in the cold i might think differently, but you live in south texas, use it when you want to, I love it
  7. I never saw the pink version, but I love the retro yellow/orange version!
  8. I don't think the silver goes well.
    Spring/summer would be best, imo.
  9. not really a fan of the pink but i loooove my yellow/gold/orange/whatever color you would call it wristlet.
  10. I love the pink and silver together. I had the east west signature bag in pink the bottom was pink suede and it did get dirty. now I spray all my suede bags with ugg boot spray..
  11. I love the yellow version.
  12. Love it, but the yellow version is the more popular one. But hey, lavender err purple is my favorite color!
  13. It's okay.. wouldn't spend a boatload of $$ on it .. but I like it.
  14. I can get a NWT Pink Chevron for $175
    the gold/brown Chevron ("like new" - with "a spot" on it, supposedly not noticeable) for $120.
    ?!!?!!? Which one? OR NEITHER????
  15. I prefer the yellow/orange version. There are lots of pics of Eva Longoria carrying it in the coach celebrity section. I would love to have that bag but the suede would get dirty so easily in my opinion. My 2005 holiday patchwork bag has some purple suede patches and they have some dirty spots around the edges. I baby this bag as well and they still got dirty...