coach chelsea satchel: toffee or chocolate? Pls help my cousin decide

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  1. My cousin bought the leather coach chelsea satchel in toffee last weekend. Yesterday we went to the coach store and noticed they had it in chocalate. She of course loves both but is thinking of exchanging the toffee for the choc. She has light brn hair so the toffee color looks nice on her. But honestly when we look at the toffee bag alone we can't decide if we love the color. what do you think? Do you like the toffee color? thanks
  2. I think the chocolate color is a bit more classy...if that makes sense. I like the toffee shade (I have a toffee mini skinny), but on a bigger piece, I think chocolate looks better.
  3. I checked out the Coach website and could only find the chocolate Chelsea satchel, no toffee so from what I've seen, I thought chocolate looks so pretty!
  4. I like them both, but I think the toffee is a bit more year round, being lighter than the chocolate...the chocolate is a DARK brown... If she is looking for something that she can use YEAR ROUND, even while wearing shorts, toffee is HER BAG!!! If she is looking for a fall/winter bag, I would go w/ the chocolate brown. Hopes that makes sense!!!!! :upsidedown:
  5. I like them both but the chocolate should hold up better since it is so dark. Seeing is this is the kind of bag that you cant really wear over your shoulder (so you will always have the handle in your hand or on your arm) I think a darker leather handle will show a lot less wear.
  6. I like both and tend towards dark brown bags but I like that satchel in Toffee If she doesn't mind that she just needs to take a little more care with it than the darker shade then I'd keep the Toffee..
  7. Hmm...does it have pebbled leather? Caz the one I saw on the Coach website if its the pebbled leather, I like the toffee. If its the soft leather then I like the Chocolate. Hope that helps (?) Either way it's a really pretty bag!
  8. I have the toffee chelsea hobo. It's very nice leather, pebbled and not too light. The great thing is the strap (which is the same thing for the satchel) is chocolate and it pops against the toffee (see the PCE invite from this last time).