Coach Chelsea Pebbled Hobo Fans?

  1. Hi all. Just curious if anyone else LOVES this bag as I do! I have the large Chelsea pebbled leather hobo in Mahogany with pink (salmon) lining and topstitiching and I ADORE it! It holds so much and slouches just right b/c I don't fill it quite to the top. Plus, the pebbled leather is TDF--I can beat it up and it doesn't show a mark! (I know it isn't so "trendy", but...) This is important for me with a 1-yr-old! Just sharing my current love...:heart:
  2. do you have any pics? I'm not sure if I know what the chelsea hobo looks like?
  3. Hi guancia! Here are my lame cell phone pics!
    Chelsea Hobo 1.jpg Chelsea Hobo 2.jpg
  4. That is a CUTE bag!!!!! What's the style number of it? I dont think I have ever seen this one!!!! VERY cute!!!!
  5. well, I dont' have the leather one but I do have the signature one and I aboslute love it too!!! :love: It is the perfect size, great slouch without looking sloppy, nice and light, can hold a ton, great drop length, etc.. I can't say enough about it!!! :tup:

  6. Thanks!!! It's style # 8E98. (Last 4 #'s on the creed, right?)
  7. Do you have pics of the siggy one posted somewhere? Would love to see it!
  8. That does look cute! I think I may want to look into, especially if the wallet I just nabbed off eBay is authentic.
  9. YES!!!! Thanks!!!!! I may have to get me one of these!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:

  10. You bet!!! One sec......
  11. You won't be sorry!;)
  12. this is the black one...
    and this is the brown one....
  13. Verrrry nice! LOOVE the matching wallet.
  14. Thanks!!! ;)
  15. Oh I like this! :yes: