Coach Chelsea Lace Satchel - what do you think?

  1. For those who own or looked at one.... is this bag worth buying? It looks great on person but it is quite trendy so im not sure if it is worth purchasing in terms of practicality? Will it be something that will be alright to carry for years to come? Also, it was pretty heavy, does this become a problem later on? (its hard to tell when just trying it on at a store) Lastly, is it easy to get in and out of? Thanks for any input/advice. Here is a pic I found on eBay of it.
  2. Personally I dont care for it, but Im sure there are lots of girls here who would love it.
  3. If it's more slouchy irl, then I would LOVE it...I love the detail and the color.
  4. Personally- I love it. Its just out of my price range at the moment :smile:
  5. The leather mars very easily. I only use mine if I can be really careful. Just MHO.....
  6. I love the look of it.. just if you are a satchel person or not I guess :confused1:
  7. I bought this bag 2 weeks ago and have not used it yet. You are right about the bag being heavy. I am not sure if I am keeping it or not. It is a pretty bag and love the color. I don't go back the outlet in 2 months so maybe I will return it.
  8. me = party pooper. i don't like it. it's a trendy "it" bag of the season. but as soon as spring hits, i wouldn't wear it that often. plus it took really bulky. i'd prefer a tote, like a hamptons carryall so that my arm won't stick out too much when i wear the hangbag on my shoulder.
  9. It a beautiful bag, but when I tried it on the weight of it deterred me from purchasing it. It is heavy, especially for a satchel.