Coach Checkbook Holder?

  1. Can you get the checkbook holder by itself? I'm DYING for one but every time I do a search it just pops up the Coach checkbook wallets, which are WAY too expensive to buy just for their checkbook holders. Is eBay the only way or can you buy them by themselves?
  2. eBay is the only way right now. I think they had some checkbook holders previously but right now the only ones come with the wallets.
  3. I called CS a couple months ago and you could get just the cover but I think that it was $98 and they only had mini sig khaki/doe at the time. I bought a black one off of eBay and have been very happy with it. I like the larger signature so that was my only option.
  4. Which is why I use an LV one (and it KILLS me, LOL, I have to match!)
  5. I don't know why Coach stopped making checkbook covers. Many years ago I purchased a single checkbook cover with a strap & loop closure and it was perfect. It came in their classic leather and a lot of colors. Come to think of it, that was back in the '80's (I've dated myself here). They should make them again :yes: .

    I found this on ebay and this is what I am talking about. You may be able to find some by looking at checkbook covers.

    eBay: COACH ALL LEATHER CHECKBOOK COVER, RED & WELL LOVED (item 320088164660 end time Mar-02-07 05:14:54 PST)
  6. Vera Bradley has the cutest checkbook covers in a beautiful leather and the design is great! They would go with the Coach bags for sure. The colors are amazing. I received one as a gift from one of my clients and I absolutely love it.
  7. I recently received a surey from Coach and I told them that I wished they sold checkbook covers seperately too, so maybe they will someday soon.

    Other than that, I ended up having to purchase one from ebay in the classic black leather for $41.

    Good luck finding one.
  8. This was just sold on ebay, item number 380038309466[​IMG]

    For a whopping $10.51!
  9. Check out the outlets if you can. I got a black leather wallet/checkbook cover that matches my soho flap - and the wallet was only $50! The checkbok cover leather is TDF - sooo soft!
  10. They used to sell them in the soho style over 3 years ago. I found one at the Key West outlet in 05 and got it for 70 bucks. It was in my bag that was stolen and I haven't been able to find one like it. It makes me really sad. I wish Coach would make them again.
  11. I asked a SA last year if they had any simple checkbooks, no wallet attached. she told me they stopped making them.:shrugs: why?? I've been to the outlet & seen the checkbook wallets missing the dang checkbook part.....:cursing:
  12. Just an FYI that this thread is over a year old. :yes: As a side note last time I was at the outlets they had the new soho wallets and they said Coach is moving away from the checkbook holders inside because hardly anyone takes checks anymore.