Coach charms on non-Coach bags?

  1. Is this okay? I saw some really cute ones at the outlet today but right now I'm using one of my Gucci's and just ordered an LV - can I put it on one of them or is that a no-no?
    Sorry if this topic has been brought up before!
  2. I don't think it'd matter. Just use what you love, in whatever combo you love.
  3. I have a Coach signature coin purse that I use everyday. Even when I carry my signature Dooney or pink Nile bags. LOL I also used to have one of those cute red leather Coach keychains on my Dooney. I wondered if anyone ever noticed. Do what you want to do.
  4. What about silver charms on bags w/ gold hardware?!?! So many decisions!!!
  5. I don't think it matters what charm with what bags...they look cute with it either way. They are made to mix and match. I've seen people mixing and matching all over. However i would keep silver charms with silver hardware and gold with gold. To me it just looks nicer that way, but that's just my opinion. Again, totally up to you.
  6. why not? my mum uses the Coach question mark charm with the keys for her lv red epi for mixing gold and silver hardware, i'll admit that i'm guilty of it!
  7. I have the pink metallic heart on my speedy; ^^I know I am so guilty of mixing hardware and colours. I just like the heart and it clips on there nice but I'm sure someone who is way more pulled together than me is thinking I need an intervention :blink:.
  8. I agree, mixing and matching is fine and all up to what you think looks good!! :tup: I also think even on all coach things it is almost impossible to match the hardware :rolleyes:
  9. I think it's cute! I have only one charm, the watermelon, and I use it on my LVs. It looks good!
  10. i agree with retroflashes. i love to mix and match, it's so much fun. but my rule is to always match the hardware, that's just my opinion. i recently bought the gold fish key fob and want to put it on my legacy. but i think it looks funny because the key fob has a silver hardware keyring, while the legacy bag has the gold hardware. to me, it doesn't match. but hey, to each her own. :smile:
  11. Umm I have a Skull charm on my Gucci and a Monkey on my LV. I think they look great. But my mom made a comment, she said "why would you put a coach charm on your LV?" like it dishonoured the LV brand or something. I could care less. The monkey looks like it was MADE for LV mono. I do mix hardware though. I dont care that much haha or really even notice it
  12. The new charms for Fall are going to have brass hardware :yay:

    I'm getting an "L" and a "V" for my Speedy when this happens!
  13. Thanks ladies! I realized the bags I am/will be using have gold hardware and all the charms at Coach are silver - I went back today to exchange something and really checked them all out. They didn't have a huge selection though bc it's the outlet. I think I would mix and match the brands but I don't think I can do the hardware - although I do mix my jewelry!!! :graucho:Oh well...glad to hear new brass charms are coming out!