Coach CD case was stolen!!!

  1. Last night my husbands car was broken into in front of his firehouse. They stole his Coach CD case. Not a huge monitary thing but he was upset!! They also stole the stereo I bought him for Father's Day. This is the first time one of our cars has ever been broken into and I am so Pi$$ed off about it! His car was the 6th firefighters car at that firehouse that was broken into. They have had a watch at night, but both the Engine and Ladder were on a run when it happened. This really sucks!! The other cars only had their parking placards stolen, nothing else, but my husbands car got it the worst!
  2. Wow! That does truly suck. I can't believe they broke into the cars outside of the firehouse. Man that's crap.
  3. Tha's really awful. How could someone steal from firefighters? or anyone for that matter. I hope they catch the guy.
  4. Argh that sucks - I had a similar break in a few years ago (stereo and CDs) and it is just the worst feeling. Esp. when it is where you park everyday... you just don't feel secure anymore. :sad:

    I hope they catch that jerk who did it! :cursing:
  5. Well, they installed cameras last night around 3 am. Hopefully the person did not see them doing it, it is kinda hard to see them. I want them to get this guy or guys soon! My husband does not want to drive his car there anymore and it is messed up because we are actually in a good area of Brooklyn and the firehouse is only about 8 blocks from my own house. It seems whoever it is, they are targeting firefighters.
  6. I really have no words of comfort other than "That really sucks."

    We have a family rule that we only put copies of our CDs in our cars. That way if, God forbid, they get broken into, we can easily burn another CD from the original we keep at home.

    One good thing, the CD cases are at the Outlet Stores right now. For some reason this reminds me of a glassblowing book I have. There is a really funny part about it not being that big of a deal for a glassblower to break their glasses that they use at home. Because that way they fuel the need to make more glasses. Wow, I guess tonight is just off on a tangent night for me.
  7. Oh awful, jennie! Whoever it is, they should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously, stealing from anyone is wrong, but from firefighters? Horrible! Is there anyone that any of the firefighters or others that work at the firehouse have had personal problems with outside of work that could be targeting everyone?

    I think Kerri's suggestion to only keep CD copies in your car is a good idea. Its also a good thing to use iPods and take them with you when you leave. Even if you leave it in your car and it gets taken, at least all of the music you have bought is still stored on your computer!
  8. yeah that really sucks. my ex-husbands truck was stolen and completely stripped....there was nothing left inside but the steering wheel. my purse was in there at the time. then i had my house broken into 4 i really hate ppl that steal!

    will your insurance cover the loss?
  9. Well, luckily the CD case was empty and my husband does burn all of his CDs off of our personal ones that stay in the house. The insurance is covering the stuff that was taken, but not to the full extent of what it was worth I am sure. I also have to pay the deductible. Here are some shots of the damage they did to his car, excuse the mess, haha well, you probably would not notice the mess anyways. I don't think it is one of the firefighters having a problem with someone, I think it is just the firefighters as a whole. I just found out this is happening at a few other firehouses as well, some in Queens are reporting theft from the vehicles too. It sucks because not all firehouses have lots to park in so the are forced to park on sidewalks and along the streets. None of the cars that belong to residents on the street have been targeted, so they seem to be seeking out the cars with the placards in the windows..

    From the Front

    From the side
  10. that's so sad! I can't believe people would break into a fireman's car! I can understand how frustrating it is, but at least no one got hurt in the whole matter...
  11. I'm sorry to hear about this. I sure hope they catch whoever is doing this!
  12. Wow some people just have no shame, I mean not only stealing, but stealing from firefighters when they are out, probably saving people:crybaby: It really saddens me to heat this. I am really sorry, some people are just straight out a holes.... sorry. I hope he feels better.
  13. Wow 4 times... :wtf: Man, that is some bad luck. Or someone is targeting you. Man, now I am afraid of leaving my house..... :sad:
  14. What a bunch of Aholes!!! Man that pisses me off!! Stealing from people who work hard for their stuff!! UGH!!! I am so sorry Jennie!!