Coach catalogs - question

  1. I have about 40 Coach catalogs that I have saved over the past few years that I now want to sell. Do you think there would be enough interest to sell them on eBay? If so do you think it would be okay to start them at $1 and just see what happens? Do people collect these catalogs? Thanks for the help.
  2. I collect the catalogs. This way when I "miss" something in a given year, and find it later on eBay or elsewhere, I can look it up and see what season it is from, how much it retailed for, etc. I think something like that would sell on eBay.
  3. Totally would sell. I threw mine out when I moved and now I'm sad.
  4. I sold a bunch of Coach catalogues on eBay last year and I can't remember what I got for them, but it was around $30-$40. I started at around $10.
  5. What is annoying is people who sell the CURRENT catalogue on ebay for like $5. That I do not understand. You can just call Coach and they'll mail one to you for free.
  6. I did that once and realized my mistake later :sad: now I have a special place for them in my bookcase!
  7. i think it would sell, but i have seen many online that have not sold. maybe due to pricing so just be conscious. ;)

    i know i'm eyeing a catalog that has all the legacy stuff.
  8. Thanks, I guess I will list them on ebay. I also have 13 Dooney catalogs, I guess I will list them together. Thank you!
  9. I collect too..but threw them all out before I started collecting! Make me so sad! It was kinda funny.....I was cleaning out my garage today and in one of the boxes I hadn't gone through from like TWO moves ago I found a 3 year old catalog...the one with the dots in it! It made me so happy looking threw it! Purse porn!!!
  10. The catlogs are purse porn :graucho: , you can't throw those out :p
  11. do the dooney and coach separate, you'll make more money that way
  12. I agree, If you MUST sell them, sell them each separately.
    There are a bunch on Ebay as we write!
  13. I collect mine. I am so happy that I finally got the current catalog today (the one that's been out, not the newest one). It took 3 times requesting it online before I finally got it. I was beginning to worry I wasn't going to get one.