Coach Catalog from last fall/winter

  1. Does anyone know the number of the Catalog from last fall/winter that has a bunch of the legacy stripe items? I'd like to get a copy of something showing all the stripe items, and would be willing to buy one on eBay, but it would be easier knowing the number. Thanks.
  2. Where would the # be?

    On the back of mine it has this:

    Coach 1031A.
  3. Try calling Coach.
  4. The 65th Anniversary one? I have a bunch of you want me to mail you one???

    Let me know...I would be happy to help:yes:
  5. I,too, have the 65th Anniversary one, as well as the one just before that. I'd be happy to send you either one, also.
  6. I had checked for her - I didn't have a spare of that one. I have 6 of some catalogues (from shipping putting them in with on-line orders).
  7. me too...I have a bunch of some (this happens to be one of them)...I usually am in the store a couple times a month and always seem to grab one to look at in the car on the way back or at work that afternoon...thus ending up with usually 5 of each....:yes: but I love them!
  8. Really??? Thanks. I'll send you a PM.
  9. Thanks Mokoni. I'm sending you a PM too!
  10. I have that with some catalogues too. And, I had the 65th Anniversary one, I've just somehow lost it. :sad: I may have even lost two of it!