1. So, here's a story.
    I bought a great Rafe bag. After 2 weeks a rivet (functional rivet, not aesthetic rivet) came out and the handle came off. I returned it for a KOOBA. After a week, a rivet came off of the KOOBA and i returned that one for a Ferragamo. Last week I noticed that the zipper wasn't working right. Great, it had come detached. I'm a real bag addict (read: snob) and haven't bought COACH in a while, but, I always felt they had a quality product that would not fall apart. I just spent a few days in Florida on vacation and bought the Carly. It is a GREAT bag. I got the smaller one which really isn't very small at all. It fits my phone, PDA, makeup bag, wallet, small notebook, some pens and mints. The best part is that it doesn't look STUFFED. The hardware is great! I highly recommend this bag. So, is it me or does anyone else think that things aren't made great anymore?!?!?!?!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!:hysteric:
  2. hehe thats why i stick with coach and vuitton =]
  3. Everything that I have ever bought from Coach has held up beautifully, and trust me I am not easy on bags!! I hope you enjoy your new Carly, I can't wait till I get mine. How much bigger is the large Carly than the one you got? It's hard for me to tell by looking at a pic, and I haven't seen one IRL yet.
  4. Congrats on your new bag! I'm glad you love it! I have the medium in Camel leather coming and can hardly wait to get it! Sounds like they are a fabulous bag!
  5. I don't know what size the OP has, but my Large is me it's the perfect size, other people think it's HUGE...

    Here's a pic of it on:

  6. itss abeautyy =]

    thast the small size rii?
  7. Congrats! I almost bought that one but went w/ the parchment...I love it and it looks fabulous on you! :heart: Emmy
  8. to me, the large one was HUGE...i carry a lot in my bag...pda, phone, makeup bag, wallet, pens, kleenex, mints, keys, sunglasses and a small notebook...usually with all my stuff in it, coach bags tend to look overstuffed and awkward...the smaller size (398.00) fits everything i mentioned and is still roomy and not stuffed...i love it!!!
  9. nope, it's the large :smile:
  10. wow, that is beautiful!!!!!! that is just the right size for me, too!! thank you so much for the pic!:flowers:
  11. ooh well i need the smaller one cus i dont carry alott of thingss
  12. Coach bags stand up pretty well, especially the ones made of leather or that have leather support pieces (on the bottom, for example). I don't treat them very well, that is I stuff them into my school bag on a daily basis and they still look great.

    Blackbutterfly, I'm loving that Carly! Looks great.
  13. I love the quality of Coach bags, as well as their repair policy. I love the medium Carly toom and just like Emmy, I went for the parchment/brown combo.

    Blackbutterfly - I love the large Carly on you! For me, it was just too darn big!
  14. I love that large carly on you Blackbutterfly!!!

    I was thinking of getting the small carly as well, and I am glad you said it doesnt look stuffed! I love the quality of Coach and its great to know that you can see that as well! Enjoy your bag.
  15. ^^ thank you all!! i love it in Large (really I love them all) but obviously I'm partial...i'm anxious to see the new ones in real life.