Coach Carly :)

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  1. :biggrin:Ok, call me a little late to the dinner table on this one but I am just newly in love with Carly! Siggy, leather either one!
    Have I missed them by a longshot at the outlets? Do I have to go to ebay to get her??? Don't like the slim ones, I like a big bag.

    (If this post is not in the proper thread please move it thanks!)
  2. I haven't seen any Carly's at the outlet (that I recall) for about the last month or so. Your best bet may be to check the bay or some other online auction site. I'm sure this would provide you with more variety as well.
  3. Congratulations! I agree, I am not keen on the slim Carly. Be aware that the siggy Carly frays along the edges where the bag slouches the most. If you are interested in the Carly, get the all-leather one or get the Zoe in either siggy or all leather. Currently, the Zoes are on sale at the outlets right now.

    The Carlys were still at the outlet from April to June. You may be lucky to find a few that may have been returned new with tag (NWT) by Coach buyers who bought them but never got round to using them.

    Good luck finding your favourite Carly!
  4. I love the Carly, and just managed to get in while they were at the outlets. I have several leather Carlys and they've held up really well. I haven't seen any Carlys at the outlet for a while, though you might get lucky with a return. Otherwise I'm afraid you're stuck with buying on *bay or other auction sites.
  5. I'd go with the Zoes, similar to the Carly and currently at the outlets! I love my leather carly but it sometimes slips off my shoulder.
  6. I have seen very few on Ebay and none on Bonanzle... My Outlet has not had them for long time. I have found some at the Stores- Macy's, Nordstrom or Dillards..

    It is a great bag, I have two..
  7. Late again! I knew it! I will call my outlet and I've been checking Ebay today and now I just HAVE to have one! The Zoe's are nice also. I've read a few threads about the Carly's fraying so I will go with a leather one. I'll keep you all posterd and thanks for all of your help everyone!
  8. ^^^It does not matter if you are late on this one!!! The all leather Carly is a modern day classic IMO. I don't know how you could go wrong. I've had both the Lg. and the slim in different signature colors and miss my Lg. NO MATTER HOW GOOD A DEAL YOU MIGHT STUMBLE ONTO STEER CLEAR OF THE SLIM, IT WAS ONE OF MY MOST REGRETTED COACH PURCHASES!!!

    If I hadn't already owned them/sold them I'd be seeking an all leather, instead I'm going to go for the berry Zoe.

    Good Luck finding the Carly of your dreams!!!
  9. There was a couple of gold sig Carly's at the San Marcos outlet about 1 month ago. I picked it up to look at it, and the SA came over and immediately told me about the fraying problem. I thought that was nice of him.
  10. For size comparison, the medium Carly and medium Zoe are pretty much the same in size. The Zoe is similar, but not the same to me. My Carlys are the medium leather and work great for me.
  11. Ebay had a great deal on a black carly last week, I'm not sure if its still there
  12. I've seen Carlys at the Jefforsonville, OH outlet as recently as two weeks ago, so depending on your outlet, there may still be some there.
  13. There was a black leather Carly at the Aurora, IL outlet about a week and a half ago, but it was in terrible condition. The hardware had a bad scratch on it.

    I love my black leather Carly. It's my most worn bag. But a couple weeks ago I just noticed that the leather is starting to show wear on the four corners on the bottom. I debated getting another one, but I opted for a Zoe as her replacement instead. Although she is not worn enough to stop wearing her.
  14. Ive only seen the slim Carlys lately. The Carly is my fav bag. You cant go wrong! GL scoring one:smile:
  15. I adore my Carly--I got her in Feb at the outlet for around $150. I have the sateen material, so there is less chance of fraying (supposedly). I have seen them in the outlets as recently as a month ago. I would call around, ask the SA's at your nearest outlet, etc. There are bound to be some still bouncing around the outlets. Good luck!!