Coach Carly

  1. Hi!
    I am really new to this forum as well as new to coach. I need some advice and help and would appreciate any guidance you can offer :smile:

    I am looking to buy a Carly and I am torn between the chocolate, denim or black. I have been searching around eBay and have found a chocolate one that I may purchase but I am confused about the sizing. Is 13x9x4 a medium?
    Also, I am in Canada but will be going to Chicago in a couple of weeks. Will I have trouble finding any of these in any of the stores?
  2. I think that is the large Carly dimensions iirc. Not sure if you'll have trouble finding them in stores but I tend to think you won't. These haven't even hit my Macy's yet.
  3. Usually I get internet abbreviations, but what does this one mean?

    ETA: nevermind, I found it on urbandictionary. I'm getting old - I rely on that site a lot to define new slang terms I don't know! :rolleyes:
  4. Oh my, stop it! I'm older than you! :nuts:
  5. That is not the large. The large is listed at 17x13x6 - but it may be smaller than that in real life - more like 15x12x5. It might be the medium - do you have the pic from eBay?
  6. Yep, here is a pic :
  7. Looks Meduim
  8. haha! I had to go to that website to see what it means.
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  10. This is a pic of my large black sig carly and my med choc. Maybe this will help
    Ebay Pics 257.jpg Ebay Pics 276.jpg
  11. <------ It also matches my birthday cake.

    I would go the the cotton brown Carly.
  12. Thank you for all the responses. Is the chocolate Carly available in stores or should I be looking on eBay?
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  14. Thanks, I found it on one of the other forums that I frequent and I just had to save it to my computer!
  15. I'm actually partial to the khaki/saddle because it can be used year round.

    But between your 3 color options, I would go with the chocolate. The denim is adorable, too, so that would be my 2nd choice.

    The stores (e.g. Macys, Nordstrom) have very limited choices and you'd be lucky to find the Carly because these are very in demand and the stores only get one or two of them if/when they do come in. You'd be better off checking the Coach boutiques because they have a better selection.

    I was lucky enough to get the khaki/saddle Carly at the Macys F&F but mine was the only one and the SA said that it was the first one they had gotten in over a month. They did have a couple of blacks but not a lot of people are buying black right now because it is considered "off season."

    Anyway, good luck!! :yes: