Coach Carly Question

  1. I really want the large Coach Carly w/the black leather. I've been looking on eBay in hopes to save some money but am afraid I would be buying a fake. What color is the interior on this bag? Brown or more of a beige color? I'm thinking it's beige but there are so many with the brown interior. Any other signs of a fake?
  2. My medium black leather carly has a beige interior.
  3. Well looks like I'm paying full price then & buying direct from Coach and not telling hubby. LOL
  4. You mean you want the whole bag to be black leather or the Trim to be the black leather? :shrugs: If you know what you are looking for and post on the authenticate this you can probably save some money and get a great bag! :tup:
  5. Sorry I wasn't clear on the style. Thought about it after I posted. I want the signature khaki w/black leather trim. I'm finding out many don't show interior pics and that tells me 95% chance they are fakes. Cause why not show the inside?
  6. hmm well I have the medium and the large in khaki/black GREAT color by the way! :tup: and they are both tan inside. :tup: HTH! If you want I can email you some pics of the creed and inside. PM me if you are interested. ;)
  7. I sell bags on eBay all the time and most of the time I don't show the inside because it is hard to take a picture of and comes out blurry. Ask the sellers to send you additional pics of the inside and creed and usually they will do it for you.
  8. The large khaki fabric one? Or are you saying the all leather one is heavy? Currently I have a signature pathwork gallery tote from fall 2006. I really feel I deserve a new bag. LOL
  9. I am looking for the same bag. I am afraid to buy off eBay, but it would be nice to find one for cheaper.
  10. Oh sorry I thought you meant the leather one. The leather one is heavy but the fabric one isn't that bad.
  11. Yah its funny I asked a seller for pics and they informed me I could see the interior on the Coach site. So I sent them back a polite message telling them no you could not and I don't think I was asking too much. They then replied its khaki. Well I definately won't buy from them 1. bad attitude and 2. probably a fake since they refused to take a photo of the inside for me to see.
  12. first I thought you meant the all leather bag.....but the khaki/black I can help you with!!! I have that bag. But I can't remember for the life of me what color the lining is.....hold on and I'll go check (she's resting in her dustbag..hehe).
  13. You did the right thing. I always ask for pictures of the actual bag and if I don't get a response, then I look elsewhere.
  14. For future reference, I just took some pics of inside of mine. It's beige as you can see. Hope this helps. And there is a section on the Coach subforum where the Coachies exchange good ebay deals they've found...I've included that link...maybe you will find one and you won't have to pay full price! Good luck!
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