Coach Carly Problems?

  1. Okay so I am thinking about getting a Carly Signature large bag but, I heard that the sides fray very quickly?So should I still get one or just get something else?
  2. GO FOR IT! :nuts:

    The fraying I've heard is pretty rare when it comes to Carlys, and Carly owners have also said you can just take it to the boutique if it starts to fray or come apart.
  3. i have 2 carlys (one leather, one sig) and *knock on wood* I've never had any issues yet. don't let a few bad ones turn you away from the bag. plus, in my experience, coach is great at repairing their defects, so go for it!
  4. I have two Carly's also and I have never had that problem.
  5. I have a Brown signature with no problems with Fraying
  6. I think the fraying was just on a few bag apples....not the whole orchard! I would definitely still get one if you want it. :tup:
  7. I have a medium khaki/saddle that I got last PCE and I have used it everyday for the past month. No issues with mine, knock on wood. Once I got her to stay on my shoulder, we have been the best of friends:yahoo:
  8. I have only head mine for a couple of weeks but I have worn her everyday and had no problems so far. I think since we are in cyberworld we hear more bad than you would normally hear and you hear the very few so it stands out.. but it is probably 1 in 1000 or more that have problems, I would think :confused1:
  9. GO FOR IT...and check out our Carly Club as well!!!!!!
  10. I have 2 signature Carlys and (knocking on wood like the others) I haven't had any problems with either. And I'm definitely not one to baby my bags......but I do need to clean my khaki one.....*makes mental note to do that when I get home*