Coach Carly leaving ??

  1. So I know alot of people here love the Carly, and at first look I wasn't feeling it, but then I tried it on at the boutique and it's quite nice! The thing is, I bought alot of Legacy in the last couple months and need to give my wallet a break. Does anyone know whether the Carly will still be around come March (when I can save up more $)? The SA's I spoke to said they didn't think Coach will be making more after this round, but I'm not sure whether they were just saying that to make a sale. Does anyone know, or can one of the lovely SA's give any info?
  2. It should be around then, but honestly i'm not positive. This is only because there is so much coming in. This month we have the new signature stripe, soho and andrea satchels. Next month is fragrance and hamptons weekend and then it's ergo (again :sad:).

    So it's really is hard to say what goes and stays but if I were to guess- march seems safe.
  3. Thanks sprinkles - I just keep hearing how well the Carlys are selling, and the SA's said the floor models were the only ones left in the store.
  4. maybe when the new stuff comes in this week i'll be too distracted to worry about the carly! :smile: (sig stripe, yum!)

  5. the carly really didn't appeal to me at first but now I must have a Carly. (I need to save for it also) it's on my list.

    Is there any updated info on the how long the Carly will be around?
  6. I have to tell anyone who is thinking about a Carly, to go for it! I was lucky and got one in black on black sig, and one in khaki/saddle. If I could afford to get one in leather too I would, but I can't. *L* But I love my large Carly's and fully endorse them.
  7. I would love to get the medium black leather! Or the khaki/gold!
    Can't wait till March!
  8. I got the tan leather one and LOVE IT. So any one who can afford to buy a Carly now should do it. They're so pretty and functional.
  9. i have a sinking feeling the carly will be like the signature satchels that just never went to outlets.

    they are selling at too fast of a rate for coach to send it to outlets this early if at all.

    i mean seriously, they're selling better then signature stripe and that was amazing. this is just unbelieveable.

    if you were at my store you'd see, we only have two carlys left that are floor display and that's it.

    they even changed the floorset (february) so carly is in back instead of front due to the unexpected 'demand'

    i mean we knew it would be hot but not this hot!