Coach Carly in Medium

  1. can anyone here post some pictures of their carly in medium with all their stuff in it please so I can get an idea on how much room the medium has thanks..:confused1:
  2. i posted in the whatsin ur coach sticky threaf. i have my cell, keys, agenda, allet, mono cles, work id, makeup and room for my wristlet or a book.
  3. 100_2281.jpg
  4. Are you thinking the large is too big for you? :shrugs: I had a medium for about a month (always thought the large was humongous) but just bought a large and sold my medium. I had my checkbook wallet, a wristlet, gum, cellphone and could usually fit a bottled water in there but it would have to lie down or I couldn't zip it up.. the difference in size between the medium and large is a BIG difference. :yes:
  5. I had a large Carly, and ended being really disappointed. It's huge imo. The medium is perfect. I have a wallet, skinny, makeup bag, cell, mirror, calculator, a phone book, planner, and my sunglasses. It's a perfect size. I would compare the inside size to the Legacy shoulder bag.
  6. I like the drop on the large better than the medium.
  7. here ya go but i could get a lot more in here
    DSCN0497.JPG DSCN0498.JPG