Coach Carly Denim

  1. I'M IN LOVE!!!!!. Just got my Coach Carly Denim (large) and I can't get enough of it. It is by far the best Coach bag that I have. I get so many compliments on it. I have the wallet on it's way also. Couldn't resist. Who else out there loves this bag?


  2. oh congrats cant wait to get my carly
  3. Carly denim large was my first Carly, plus the matching wallet. Now I have four Carlys -- large cotton denim, medium chocolate/chocolate (reeeeallly trying to hold out until fall to use her), demi patchwork indigo and demi cotton w/chocolate (+wallet). Carly rocks. :cool: :rochard:
  4. Congrats! I bought one at the outlet a month ago and it's so beautiful! It's truly an awesome bag. That makes two Carly's for me: medium khaki/saddle + large denim/cotton. MUST get a medium chocolate ALL LEATHER Carly
  5. me to makes 3 carlys for me and yes this one gets the attention and its what im using right now :O)
  6. I love the Carly bag. I need to check out the Denim
  7. I got one too!!

    I also got the white floral wristlet to go with it. I think they look so cute together!!
    Coach6PF.JPG Flower1aPF.JPG Flower1bPF.JPG
  8. I have 3 Carlys too! And let me tell ya if I had a money tree I'd own one of the beautiful demin Carlys also! Fantastic!! Im so happy for you!!
  9. I'm actually on my way to Dillards to buy one now! I have a couple of gift cards and a credit to use.
  10. How much are they at the outlets? Are the pretty well available?
  11. I just got back from Dillards, didnt buy one. The large one was on sale. It just didnt grab me today like it did the other day.
  12. I bought mine a few weeks ago, and my outlet only got one in the store. I think I paid $250.
  13. I went to the outlet in Burlington to find mine. I called before I left and they happened to have 3 large denim carlys that day so I got one put on hold. They had literally JUST come in, and they hadn't seen any yet (in the choc or jade or denim) at all so far. They haven't received any since and they ALL sold that day I went there. I got mine for the same price as the person above, around $250. :roflmfao: I just used mine for the first time today actually because I was thinking about returning it to help pay for a leather carly in brown or chili. But i'm gonna keep it!
  14. congrats!
  15. I want one of these sooo bad, but I'm having trouble deciding between chocolate and denim.