Coach Carly *CAUGHT* on Cell Camera!

  1. I was out again at my favorite casino here and was walking around with my sister and of course naturally we saw a lot of Coach bags, but the one that stood out to me was when I saw a woman walking in front of me with a Carly....I said very calmly "Carly" and my sister said "cell phone pic!" so of course I handed her my phone and we followed her around until we could get a good picture of it :graucho:....luckily she stopped and sat down at a slot machine and she was able to get one usual she didnt even notice! I usually don't take pictures of Coach bags because I see so many of them, but I do love the Carly and know how much a lot of the ladies on here love it too and also have one thats why I let my sister take this one...she's usually quick with taking pics unlike me! Of course I will never show a persons face in these pictures...well, here it is! I think I'm gonna get myself one now that I have seen it in person!:yes:

  2. You really should get a Carly. I am getting the all leather Chocolate one come August. I have been waiting for that one for so long. Carly is a great bag and so modern and contemporary too. Thanks for sharing the photo!
  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Thats hilarious. It's a coach spycam.
  4. Join the Carly Club it's growning by the day!
  5. She has good taste!
  6. ^^^Yes she does! And yes I am really considering getting a Carly after seeing this woman with this bag last week, this week (actually last night since it is 2:25 am here PST) I forgot my cell at home so I couldnt get any pictures!:cursing: Well luckily I didnt see any bags that I just had to get pics of to put them on here!
  7. hehehehe...we could be like the Glamour Mag "Do's and Dont's" patrol...photograph gorgeous real Coach, but them put those black "no-see-me" bars on the faces of those with fake ones! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. This bag looks GREAT on her!!!!! Does anyone know if this is the medium or large Carly? It's a PERFECT size for this woman! I just bought my FIRST Carly this same color combo - khaki/saddle medium size! I :heart: Carly!!!!! :tup: But it's funny b/c I am so "careful" w/ my bags that I wouldnt bring it to a casino b/c of all the cigarette smoke and the smell she would come home with!!!! LOLOL...gotta GET OVER THAT!!!!!
  9. how funny this lady doesnt even know were just loving her bag and how good it looks on her. hehe
  10. How did you get that picture of me?!?! :shocked:
    Just kidding.... :roflmfao: But that would be funny, wouldn't it?!?!
  11. teehee,, that's hilarious! for a second i was like.. UHoh..!!
  12. I couldn't help myself :p
  13. That is the large. You can tell by how many C's there are from top to bottom.
  14. Haha, I literally laughed out loud when I read that.

    I love the Carly! :heart: And it does look great on her!