Coach Carly - Available at outlets yet?!

  1. I've been lusting after a large Coach Carly, and will be visiting some outlets while on vacation in early September.

    Are the Carly's still in boutiques, or have they made it to the outlets yet? I know that not everything ends up in the outlets, and it's probably wishful thinking, but what are my chance of scoring a large Carly at an Outlet?

    Thanks for your input.
  2. I've seen some here, siganture, jacquar non signature and cotton...they fly off the shelves.
  3. If I call the outlet I'll be visiting the day before I'm set to arrive, will that hold one for me (if I give them my cc#, of course)? What should I expect to pay for a large Carly at an outlet?


    :yahoo:Happy because it's at least a possibility!!!
  4. I haven't seen any leather or suede...
  5. I'll move this to the Coach Shopping Forum you, all stock or inventory questions or topics should be posted there.
    Thanks and good luck!
  6. i saw large canvas parchment/saddle and parchment/pear back in july. they said they had the cotton denim and chocolate ones also but they were already gone. also had quite a few small in the cotton and both leathers while i was there.
    they will hold for a few days if you call ahead. and if they say no, i'd call back in a few hours/later in the day b/c sometimes, believe it or not, the person answering the phone doesn't understand what you're talking about and will tell you they don't have it just b/c they don't know what your referring to. so if i wanted something that bad, i'd start calling about 2-3 days before arriving and start asking. of course, i'd be very polite and sweet when calling. :yes:
    Good luck!:smile:
  7. I paid about $210 for the large Canvas/Chocolate and $195ish for the medium. This was in Late June/early July.

    I've seen the canvas ones a few times, and the camel leather has shown up as well. Macy's also had these on sale/clearance recently. Not sure about prices.I wouldn't bank on getting a Khaki/Chocolate/Black signature anytime soon - these are too popular IMHO and still in the stores.

    Outlets will hold for up to 48 hours, but with a CC, will "charge hold" for two weeks. SO - you can call early, and keep calling until you get there.

    I agree - sometimes you get someone that doesn't know what theyre looking for or it's hidden behind something else. Check back a few times and leave your name/number with the style number - I've had great SA's at my outlets and they'll call me within two weeks if something comes in.

    Good luck!
  8. The non signature jacquard I saw came out to $179 I think. It was medium. I didn't check the cottons...
  9. I saw a large black leather carly at the key west outlet two weeks ago. It was only 50 dollars off. I'm pretty sure it was either a return or a transfer. It was pretty beat up.
  10. There are camel and light blue suede ones at Lancaster. They have a light colored strap.
  11. I think only the cotton carly's and the canvas ones are at the outlets now... i'm keeping my out for one at the mrytle beach outlets in two weeks!
  12. I was in the Myrtle Beach 501 outlet last week and they had the medium Carly's in the canvas and the large ones in pear. I didnt price the large but with the extra 20% off the medium came to $193. The small leather ones were very reasonable at $119 before the 20% and one color was 30%.
  13. They had canvas and the suede ones (both blue and camel) at Carlsbad this past weekend - I can't remember prices though, sorry!